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Who are we?

The “Priorytety” Foundation was created to promote awareness of the value of family engagement and building a happy and cheerful home. Home is the place where an individual learns the most important skills. It shapes their character, self-esteem and teaches them how to tell right from wrong A caring, loving and smartly ran home has a hugely positive impact on personal growth of each individual, as well as an entire society.

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Our Team

I am a happy wife and mum of four kids: Hubert, Piotrek, Karol and Julka. After the birth of my first child, I have stopped working outside the home for a longer while, despite my education and earlier career plans Read more
I wear many hats in my life: I am wife, mum, employee, daughter, sister and friend. It would be hard for me to say which of these roles is the most important, but in retrospect, being a wife and a mother has given me the most satisfaction and joy. Read more
For a decade, I have been happily married to Piotr and a mum of five kids: Maksymilian, Ignacy, Stanisław, Róża and Konstanty, who was born in 2021. My family is both the centre of my everyday life and a big, multi-stage and long-term project. Read more

An educator and musicologist, I have been professionally associated with “Sternik” educational centres for 14 years: their family tutoring programme is particularly close to my heart. Read more
Who am I? A woman with a sense of self-accomplishment. According to popular standards of professional achievement, this self-assessment seems quite irrational. I have not reached the career heights, I do not get rapidly promoted, I do not earn tonnes of money. Read more

Our key objectives:

  • Promotion of awareness of the value of family engagement and its impact on the growth of an individual and a society as a whole,
  • Supporting women throughout challenging decision-making processes related to household, family and professional responsibilities,
  • Promoting knowledge and tools supporting an informed organisation of family life,
  • Promoting a positive image of homemakers,