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Our Team

Anna Bosak


I am a happy wife and mum of four kids: Hubert, Piotr, Karol and Julia. After the birth of my first child, I have stopped working outside the home for a longer while, despite my education and earlier career plans. I graduated from the University of Economics and Business in Poznań with a Master’s Degree and completed a PhD programme at the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). 

I worked at an advertising agency as a communication and marketing specialist. However, it later occurred to me how important my presence and engagement at home were for my children. I also realized that this experience helped me grow, giving me the sense of satisfaction and self-accomplishment. 

I used the knowledge and experience gained at work for the benefit of my family. Fascinated by the multitude of similarities between homemaking and professional career, I started a blog “Notatki Zarządu” (The Management Board’s Memos) in 2015. I wanted to share my ideas and support women dealing with challenges of motherhood. I also conducted trainings, sharing specific tips and helping participants develop practical skills. 

Several years later, I decided that it was time to make the next step: setting up the Foundation. The initiatives undertaken within the Foundation are addressed not only at a selected group of mums, but at a whole society in a bid to increase the social awareness of the value of homemaking and homemakers. 

Joanna Wojasiewicz

deputy CEO

I wear many hats in my life: I am wife, mum, employee, daughter, sister and friend. It would be hard for me to say which of these roles is the most important, but in retrospect, being a wife and a mother has given me the most satisfaction and joy. 

We have three sons of different ages: two are respectively in late and early teens, one is a toddler. To be honest, it can get hard sometimes. I used to feel that it was an uphill battle for me as a mum; I wondered what was the point of it all and how long one can successfully juggle family life and career. Now I can see that it was worth it. People change jobs, projects that once seemed so important get forgotten, but a husband and children are always there for you.

I have worked as a marketing specialist for years. I am also a mentor and a coach. Having talked to various women, I found out that they often suffer from burnout after years of work and feel emptiness inside. Usually, this sense of emptiness is less pronounced if they have somebody to live for. That is why I decided to get involved with the “Priorytety” Foundation. I wanted to share my experience and show to everyone that it is worth building a happy and cheerful home for our kids and us parents, even if the road to success can get bumpy at times.

Eliza Papierowska-Niemczyk

deputy CEO

For a decade, I have been happily married to Piotr and a mum of five kids: Maksymilian, Ignacy, Stanisław, Róża and Konstanty, who was born in 2021. My family is both the centre of my everyday life and a big, multi-stage and long-term project.
The power of women has always fascinated me; I am so impressed by their multitasking abilities and how they can reconcile several different projects such as family, home and work.

I graduated from the Management Department at the University of Warsaw (UW) with a specialty in Enterprise Development. Straight after the studies, I held management positions at several privately owned companies, including family businesses. Since the birth of my second child (Ignacy was born with the anomaly of chromosome 21, otherwise known as the Down Syndrome), I shifted my focus to my children, concentrating on their developmental needs, as well as those of a family as a whole. At the same time, I looked for more flexible ways of combining my professional career, my interests outside of work and attempts to be a family member and interact with my family in more mindful ways.

I would like the “Priorytety” Foundation to be the place where I can find ways to support women dealing with daily challenges of homemaking and looking for flexible methods of reconciling work and family life. I would like everyone to realize that success can mean different things, depending on a woman.

Barbara Widmańska

Council Member

An educator and musicologist, I have been professionally associated with “Sternik” educational centres for 14 years: their family tutoring programme is particularly close to my heart. This programme, as well as hours of conversations with parents truly engaged in their kids’ upbringing made me realize the importance of a properly functioning family and its tremendous impact on a child’s development and upbringing.

My family always comes first. My husband and I have four kids (Franek, Hania, Zbynio and Jerzyk). The children still being quite young, I chose to stay at home. While this is not an easy time, it provides a unique opportunity to invest in the development of our children, as well as in building good family relationships, creating a homely atmosphere and cultivating our family traditions. It gives my family the sense of security and wellbeing, and these are my absolute priorities.

Katarzyna Niedźwiedź-Szałajko

Council Member

Who am I? A woman with a sense of self-accomplishment. According to popular standards of professional achievement, this self-assessment seems quite irrational. I have not reached the career heights, I do not get rapidly promoted, I do not earn tonnes of money.

My home is my success story. And so is my family: my husband and five awesome kids (Józef, Emil, Tytus, Wilhelm and Jagna). I am professionally active and I like my job a lot, but growing this “family business” is my lifetime investment. It is hard work that generates measurable benefits such as love, happiness and satisfaction.

I am also a TV journalist specialized in social issues, with a career spanning nearly two decades. For years, I have worked as a news reporter, covering events, conducting interviews and making TV news reports. Today I am an editor of a news programme at TV Puls. However, what I appreciate the most about my life is that I can choose my own path, make decisions that give me personal freedom and set my own PRIORITIES that define me.