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About Us

About Us

The “Priorytety” Foundation was created to promote awareness of the value of family engagement and building a happy and cheerful home. Home is the place where an individual learns the most important skills. It shapes their character, self-esteem and teaches them how to tell right from wrong A caring, loving and smartly ran home has a hugely positive impact on personal growth of each individual, as well as an entire society.

Nowadays women are often faced with a daunting challenge of reconciling their professional careers, household chores and family duties. Asked about a recipe for a successful life, Poles pointed to a huge role of a happy and loving family, having kids and being able to combine a satisfying family life with a professional career.

That said, the number of women postponing a decision to have a family has been growing. Women are afraid that they will not be able to multi-task, reconciling all their responsibilities having become a real juggling act. We also address our initiatives at men as their commitment and maturity can make a genuine difference.

Social perception of homemakers is another thing. Their work is underrated, with common stereotypes of a “hausfrau” or “stay-at-home mum” alive and well. These stereotypes are unfounded and unfair. Backing our statements with scientific evidence, we want to recognize the value of the work of homemakers. By doing this job, women acquire more skills and competences than what they can learn at work. Among them are ability to multi-task, work under pressure of time, negotiating and communication skills. A homemaker must be at the same time a manager, psychologist, physician, cook and housekeeper. She works all around the clock and does not get paid for it, her only motivation being pure love and willingness to offer herself to another human being. It is a tough job, but it ultimately gives a tremendous sense of joy, satisfaction and self-accomplishment.

Our key objectives:

  • Promotion of awareness of the value of family engagement and its impact on the growth of an individual and a society as a whole,
  • Supporting women throughout challenging decision-making processes related to household, family and professional responsibilities,
  • Promoting knowledge and tools supporting an informed organisation of family life,
  • Promoting a positive image of homemakers, 
  • Helping men and women develop competences in the scope of time management, organisation of family life and professional execution of household chores,
  • Undertaking necessary measures to change the Polish law so that women can have access to flexible forms of employment and contribute to public communication in what concerns family values and home, shaping the image of a woman and her responsibilities,
  • Participation in public debates on topics associated with the role of women and family values, 
  • Actions aimed at a responsible State strategy for human population planning.